The smell of fresh bread in the morning, the tastiest parathas, the softest and fluffiest chapatis, fresh aromatic biryani for lunch, freshly baked cakes and pastries for tea, hot out the oven pizzas for dinner. Throughout the day and throughout Pakistan, FIL plays a vital role in fulfilling the day to day kitchen and clothing requirements of millions of households across Pakistan and throughout the world.

We are a leading Manufacturer and Exporter of agricultural goods since the past 60 years, specializing in food staples, cotton, distribution services, warehousing and International trade. As a globally connected agribusiness, our diversified activities span the depth of the value chain. We originate, produce, process, refine, transport, merchandize, customize and distribute commodities across Pakistan and globally.

Securing food and agricultural supplies in a fast-changing world is what we do best. We help feed and clothe up to 20 million people every year by strategically leveraging our global reach, our diversity of products, and our in-depth market intelligence. With more than 60 years of experience, we apply our hard-earned expertise to a broad portfolio of commodities including: