Flour Milling

After gaining independence in 1947, Pakistan needed to go through a rapid industrialization process to achieve competitiveness in the global market. An Agro based economy, wheat is a staple food product in the entire population’s food basket. Taking these factors into account, Faisal Industries Pvt. Became a pioneer in the Flour Milling Industry by installing the first State of the Art Buhler Flour Mill in Pakistan in 1959. The plant was strategically located in the heart of Sindh, Tando Adam, the prime wheat growing region in Pakistan. This gave the company several competitive advantages by allowing access to the country’s finest raw materials, efficient supply chain networks, and access to the largest consuming markets of Sindh and Punjab in addition to international markets through the port at Karachi.

Soon after, FFM became the first company in the flour milling industry by adopting International quality and management principles by incorporating the ISO certifications. FFM produces a premium range of Wheat Flour, Bakery Flours, Semolina, Bran and Animal feed products. Some of our famous brand names include “313” Baking Flour, Al Khubz Fine Atta,Al KhubzChakki Atta, “515” Superfine.

The Annual production capacity of FFM surpasses 95000 MT and we are one of the largest buyers of wheat in Pakistan.

At every level of our operations, FFM leverages the world’s best technology to maintain the highest quality standards. Designed and supplied by European leaders in flour-milling technology, the plant that produces our high quality maida and fine flour products is geared towards consistency, reliability and quality.

Al Khubz whole Wheat atta, on the other hand, is produced on a custom-designed plant. Our soft, moist, fluffy Rotis are traditionally produced using stone grinding chakki plants ensuring all the nutrients remain intact in the flour.

Whether for our atta, maida, suji, or any other products all wheat that arrives at FFM is cleaned through multi-stage technology. Combinators segregate heavier and lighter components of wheat to remove the chaff, and even more critically, stones. Using advanced mechanical scourers, we scrub away any impurities that have adhered to the surface of the wheat, whether dirt or mud. Clean, high-quality wheat is the essential starting point for our milling.